While most of the information came from either RHS or TWT, we owe a huge debt of thanks to Richard Burkmar of Space for Nature. For years he has run the Space for Nature website with his own and other’s contributions on topics relating to wildlife gardening. Richard and some of those other contributors have kindly allowed their features to be used on this site, where they add an extra dimension of expertise and personal experience to the wealth of knowledge gathered here. Aside from Richard Burkmar, the contributors are: Marc Carlton, Teresa Leach, Megan Scott, and David Wembridge.

Much other new content, notably the species profiles, was contributed by individuals who generously gave their time and effort either as volunteers or as employees of RHS or a Wildlife Trust. Without them, this project would have been much more difficult to bring about.

  • Katherine Baker (Avon Wildlife Trust volunteer)
  • Helen Bostock (RHS Plant advisory expert)
  • Lynette Friend (Northumberland Wildlife Trust)
  • Rebecca Hall (Avon Wildlife Trust volunteer)
  • Andrew Halstead (RHS Entomology expert)
  • John Hayward (Devon Wildlife Trust. Very sadly, John died before this project was completed, but his contribution to this and previous projects was invaluable.)
  • Louis Kitchen (Avon Wildlife Trust volunteer)
  • Andrew Salisbury (RHS Entomology expert)
  • Sue Tatman (Cheshire Wildlife Trust)
  • Katie Webb (Dorset Wildlife Trust volunteer)