Plant type

Herbaceous perennial


15-25cm x 10-25cm

Wildlife benefit

Bee, butterfly nectar, butterfly caterpillar and moth caterpillar plant

  • Another native wildflower, tolerant of dry, infertile soils, bird’s foot trefoil is a persistent addition to the meadow.
  • Flowers June-August. Clover-like flowers in two-toned yellow and deep orange, giving rise to its other common name eggs and bacon.
  • Introduce as plug plants.
  • Excellent bee plant for both nectar and pollen.
  • Common Blue Butterfly, Dingy Skipper Butterfly and Burnet Moth caterpillar food plant. To attract the Dingy Skipper, plants need to grow in a sunny, sparse grassy area with patches of bear ground in-between. Also used by Common Blue Butterfly adults as a nectar plant.