Plant type

Evergreen shrub

Height & spread

1m x 1.5m

Wildlife benefit

Bird (flowers and berries), bee, bumblebee, butterfly nectar and moth caterpillar plant

  • A vigorous, suckering shrub that can cope with most soils and thrive in shady spots where many other plants succumb. Watch out for its spiny foliage.
  • Dense clusters of bright yellow flowers are produced in spring, followed by spherical, blue-black berries. Flowers are pleasantly fragrant.
  • Nectar and pollen may be taken by Blackcaps, Bluetits and House Sparrows. Berries eaten by Blackbirds and Mistle Thrushes.
  • Excellent early-flowering nectar source for bees and bumblebees.
  • Bright-line Brown-eye, Cabbage and Peppered Moth caterpillar food plant.