Plant type

Evergreen shrub

Height & spread

1.5-6m x 2-4m (depending on species and cultivar)

Wildlife benefit

Bird (berries and shelter), bee, bumblebee and butterfly nectar plant

  • A strong-growing evergreen shrub, suitable for growing against a wall without the need for support. Alternatively, can be grown as a free-standing shrub. Good on most soils.
  • Clusters of white flowers in late spring or early summer are followed by red, orange or yellow berries, depending on species and cultivar.
  • Blackcap, Song thrush, Waxwing known to eat berries. Red and orange berries claimed to be eaten well before yellow. Red eaten before orange.
  • Adult butterflies will visit flowers for nectar.
  • Bee and bumblebee plant.
  • Flowers also good for insects such as hoverflies.