We’ve gathered together helpful downloads and the best books and websites for more in-depth information connected with gardens and wildlife.


Find out more about garden wildlife and about the best wildlife gardening pratices.

  • An Ear to the Ground: Garden science for ordinary mortals - Ken Thompson, 2003

    This readable and entertaining book details the science behind wildlife gardening - as discovered by Sheffield University's project Biodiverstiy in Urban Gardens.

  • Chris Packham's Back Garden Nature Reserve - Chris Packham, 2001

    Contains many practical ideas for attracting wildlife to the garden.

  • Creating a Wildlife Garden: How to turn your garden into a wildlife haven - Bob and Liz Gibbons, 1996

    This invaluable book is full of information about different habitats that can be mimicked in the garden, and has many lists of plants to use. It's a long time since it was published so you may have to get it secondhand, but it is well worth it.

  • Flora Britannica: The definitive new guide to Britain's wild flowers, plants and trees - Richard Mabey, 1996

    A book about history and lore of wild plants if you want more background. But note it is not an identificaiton guide.

  • How to Make a Wildlife Garden - Chris Baines, 2000

    A comprehensive book looking at various habitats and the role fo the garden in re-creating these for wildlife. It also looks at more artificial means of attracting wildlife.

  • Making a Wildflower Meadow - Pam Lewis, 2003

    A practical guide to making wildflower meadows, grounded in the author's own experieces at Sticky Wicket, the Dorset garden she created with her late husband Peter Lewis.

  • Sticky Wicket: Gardening in tune with nature - Pam Lewis, 2005

    Pam Lewis describes the process of designing Sticky Wicket and how this was informed by wildlife gardening principles.

  • The Ecology of a Garden: The first fifteen years - Jennifer Owen, 2008

    A classic account of how one gardener - and ecologist - monitored the wildlife in her garden over 15 years.

  • The Natural Gardener: The way we all want to garden - Val Bourne, 2004 (hb) and 2008 (pb)

    An approachable look at how to garden organically, and why you should.

  • Wildlife Gardening for Everyone: Your questions answered by the RHS and The Wildlife Trusts

    A compendium of wildlife gardening information combining expertise from wildlife and horticultural experts.

  • How to create a wildlife garden - Christine and Michael Lavelle, 2007

    A very practical look at creating a wildlife garden, with 40 projects to choose from, and a directory of 70 plant species.

  • No Nettles Required: The Reassuring Truth about Wildlife Gardening - Ken Thompson, 2006 (hb) and 2007 (pb)

    A witty and fact based approach that debunks some myths about wildlife gardening.

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